New Construction and Renovations

At Nueva Vista Pools, we specialize in designing & building new pools, adding water features, or even remodeling your existing Pool.  We do complete pool renovations using the finest quality materials, equipment & highly respected specialty contractors in our industry. We provide a vast selection of custom pool design options to fit your wish list.

Pool Maintenance

Weekly Pool Cleaning Services

Don’t have the time to keep your pool in tip-top condition? Nueva Vista Pools will set up a custom pool maintenance schedule to ensure your inground pool remains in peak condition throughout the year. Our pool maintenance experts will work with you to assess the maintenance needs of your family swimming pool.


Our Pool Cleaning Services include :

  • Pool Skimming
  • Pool Vacuuming
  • Pool Brushing
  • Empty Skimmer Basket
  • Back Flush Filters
  • Water Test
  • Balance Water Chemistry*
  • Check Water Circulation

If chemicals need to be adjusted, we will use any customer supplied chemicals or can use our own.

Maintaining a clean pool is important throughout the year . Our team checks your pool each and every cleaning to ensure that your pumps and filters are functioning Properly. This can prevent unnoticed issues from going unseen and becoming a larger issue further down the road.


Why Hire a Pool Cleaning Company?


  • Ensure your pool water is properly circulating

  • Your pool is always swim ready!

  • More time to enjoy your pool and your life!

  • Professional Pool Cleaning Service & Technique

  • Eliminate Extra Stress!

Pool Repair

Factory trained technicians on staff who can perform repairs on all major pool equipment. We service water heaters, filters, automation systems, variable speed pumps, and salt systems. Replacement of Cartridge Filters, DE (Diatomaceous Earth) Teardowns, Backwashes & Recharges. We perform Acid Washes and Tile Repair.

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At Nueva Vista Pools, We Pride Our Selves on Providing Outstanding Service. We Tailor Our Service to Meet Your Specific Needs.