At Nueva Vista Pools, We Pride Our Selves on Providing Outstanding Service. We Tailor Our Service to Meet Your Specific Needs. Let Our Professionally Trained Staff Keep Your Pool Beautiful and Healthy Everyday of The Year.

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Nueva Vista Pools, has been committed to being the only resource you’ll ever need when it comes to your swimming pool. Our comprehensive range of services are unmatched in the industry.From Building a New Pool, Renovating your Existing Pool, giving it a “Fresh Look” is Very Important. Tile upgrade, Interior Finish Upgrade , adding Water Features. Other services include pump repair or replacement, filter and heater repairs or replacement. Nueva Vista Pools will be there to service your needs as long as you own your swimming pool.

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While you may choose to get more hands-on in the maintenance of your swimming pool, you will always be better off letting the pros handle it, and pool maintenance in Atlanta is our focus. With the expertise of professional pool technicians at Nueva Vista Pools, you will surely get the best pool service in Atlanta,GA.


Our passion is to turn your pool into a beautifully clean, crystal clear pool. Our weekly Atlanta pool cleaning service has proven to be cost-effective and efficient regardless or your type of swimming pool. We take complete control over your pool maintenance and chemical implementation. In addition, we provide all types of swimming pool repairs or remodels, small and large.


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What is a Salt Water Pool?

One of the biggest misconceptions about a saltwater pool is that they don’t use chlorine to keep the water clean. This is not the case, as chlorine is still used as a sanitizing agent. The difference is that with a saltwater pool the salt works with a salt cell to produce the chlorine for you as it is needed. This not only means you won’t have to handle liquid chlorine or chlorine tablets, but your pool will generally have lower chlorine levels than it would with a traditional system.

As the chlorine is regulated through your salt cell and its connected automation system, your pool will not experience the constant seesaw of spikes and drops commonly associated with traditional chlorine pools.

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At Nueva Vista Pools, We Pride Our Selves on Providing Outstanding Service. We Tailor Our Service to Meet Your Specific Needs.